San Diego-based brand, Weriza, was launched in August 2016 by Riza Clave, who is a self-taught Content Creator, Designer, Seamstress, Pattern-maker, Photographer, and a former Dental Assistant.

Weriza was created to find balance between femininity and masculinity, break boundaries between traditional and modern lifestyle, and to encourage perseverance.

In Design, it strives to innovate and provide affordable, ready-to-wear, timeless products with quality always preceding quantity. Weriza’s minimal and contemporary aesthetics are heavily inspired by Art, Music, Photography, Culture, Emotions, and Experiences.

All products are made by “Cut and Sew” technique from handmade patterns and combining raw fabrics.
All products are limited and Not mass produced for quality control.

Photography on the other hand focuses more on capturing still moments to shift and alter one's emotions and perspective.

The Lifestyle Column, "REVER", presents unfiltered insights and intense admiration by displaying the inward beauty of the subject.

Weriza’s mission is to expand worldwide not only as a Multi-brand, but also as a lifestyle, a motivator, and a resource to all.


"Create to Inspire."


Start-Up Charity Outreach:  Clavé 


10% of the proceeds will go to our start-up charity outreach; Clavé.

A charity set to launch in 2019 to where it aims to continue my Father’s legacy to rebuild schools, provide supplies, and pledge scholarships to students starting in our homeland, Pangasinan, Philippines.